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Normale Version: Brian Eno Yamaha DX7 Patches
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Brian Eno Yamaha DX7 Patches

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This is a sweet find. From in the 1987 Keyboard Magazine interview with Brian Eno. We have a copy of the article page with four different DX7 Mk I (brownie) patches by the ambient master himself. The patch names appear to be indicative of the sounds they make. Get the sysex file that includes are: Kalimba 2, Tambora, Glide, and Violin 3 patches below.
Device: Yamaha DX7 Mk I

How can I get these Presets? Thanks ... Smile
(06-06-2017, 04:21 PM)MS-Aloysius schrieb: [ -> ]How can I get these Presets? Thanks ... Smile

Some people are blind Grins

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Hi, I don't get the option to download when I click on the link. That is why I asked. In the meantime I managed to get the Patches from a site called 'Encyclotronic' so I'm good. Smile
Try now!
I tried again but could not download. I don't understand what it says.

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