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Omission - Bam - 09-07-2018


[Bild: omitpreview.JPG]

Muter/Sequencer/step sequenced silence; cuts the volume of a custom arrangement of steps, adjust the probability of each step and multiply the speed of the pattern.



RE: Omission - allistran - 10-07-2018

Thank you, Bam! We must be tracking the same plugin... First LuckyWorm then Quadromat, now Omission. Can't wait to try it!

RE: Omission - tf-drone - 10-07-2018

is this something like a "trance gate"?

RE: Omission - Bam - 11-07-2018

(10-07-2018, 10:25 PM)tf-drone schrieb: is this something like a "trance gate"?

Ich hatte noch keine Zeit gehabt es zu testen, habe ständig Handwerker im Haus