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LuckyWorm - Bam - 09-07-2018


[Bild: Lwv22.png]

It’s a 32-bit VST2 VSTi synthesizer from BipTunia VSTs, a division of Beastlick Internet Policy Commission Outreach Team.

Has a few presets, more coming soon.

Is also VERY CPU efficient. Sometimes it shows as using 1% of the CPU on a 5 year old i7-3770, but most of the time 0%.

May thrown up a virus warning, unknown DLLs can, but warning is false.

For an idea of the sound: I was going to call this synth “Emerson, Worms, and Palmer”, but thought I’d receive a lawyer letter, or at least hate mail.

LuckyWorm Synth moved to this page. Bookmark it. It’s the permanent location. Even updates will point to this page, will change page title and screenshot when version changes.

The two oscillators are called “worm food” and “worm poo.”
“slime” is filter resonance.
“goo” is other filter resonance.
“hard worms” is velocity sensitivity.
“Portobello” switch is portamento.
“shroom time” is portamento time.
“number of worms” is output volume.
“worm hole depth” takes one oscillator slightly out of tune for depth.
“freaks” is a fun little frequency analyzer.
“voodoo” shows fun MIDI numbers and voltages.
“ASDR” is obviously the envelope.
“breed worms” is speed of delay.
“feed worms” is feedback of delay.