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Music-Society presents PhilterPlugs STRANGE SYNTH

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VSTI Music-Society presents PhilterPlugs STRANGE SYNTH
Music-Society presents  PhilterPlugs STRANGE SYNTH

[Image: eZKOa9O.png]

Another Synth that i made some years ago, but never finished.
This Standalone Version can give you a little Impression, but
the final Version will contain a lot more features . Please don´t share
the Synth in it´s current version, as i said it´s years old and it really
has to be updated before release. the final version of the Synth can
be downloaded FOR FREE, but only here @

Important: Dieses VSTI ist nur auf der Seite zu bekommen. Man kann es auf anderen Seiten anbieten, mit dem Link zu dieser Seite. Wer es auf wo anders zum Download anbietet, dessen Account wird sofort gebannt und gelöscht!!!
Get this VSTi @ only !
You are  not allowed to offer this download at other sites without linking to this page.
Users who offer it @ other places without linking to will get banned and lose their account immediately.

.rar   strange_synth.rar (Size: 3.34 MB / Downloads: 14)

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Music-Society presents PhilterPlugs STRANGE SYNTH - by Philter - 14-07-2012, 01:23 AM

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