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Triton Synthesizer

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Triton Synthesizer
Triton Synthesizer

[Image: vcs4lge.gif]

We all want to have an EMS synthesizer. But who wants to pay what it insane costs for one. Let alone find something as rare as a VCS5 even if you did have the money. That's where VST plug-ins come to our rescue. Sure, they are not the same as the real thing. But they are much better than nothing. The new Triton synthesizer is a revamp of the old VCS5 but in a sense closer to the pioneering days when a synthesizer, after having been sold would be returned to the synthesizer company and modified after a request made by a musician, making that model special to the individual user. Download the Triton in one of three flavors totally free from http://www.vickers-armstrong...

.zip (Size: 1.03 MB / Downloads: 6)

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irgendwie ist die Seite offline... und das Ding Triton zu nennen, ist mehr als dumm. Gerade Korg ist da relativ schnell zugange - kann mich an ein relativ akzeptables Plugin mit Namen Corg erinnern, bei dem es m. E. Schwierigkeiten gab.
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so, ma den admin unter die arme jegriffen Tongue ...der link hier funzt Wink ...cya

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bin grad hier rein gestolpert. Krasses Ding. Der Link ist immer noch gültig. DIESER HIER scheint eine ältere Version zu sein.
Schöne Grüße, Helli

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