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Thread Contributor: BamMixer4

[Bild: mixer4_screen.png]

Mixer4 is a high precision audio mixer and processor.
Record and edit in your favorite DAW and then import wave files into Mixer4.
All parameters are editable through a text editor of your choice.

Vergesst nicht Danke zu sagen/Don´t forget to say thank you
Pass if needed: bam4LoFo
Thanks given by:
I would like to say thank you for mentioning my software!  There have been many recent updates over the past week with fixes to the graphical interface.  The picture above is not the GUI, but shows using the program with a text editor only...which is fun too.  A detailed image of the GUI can be downloaded from [Bild: plate_gui.jpg]
This program has incredibly fast rendering times, and since last year the reverb got a boost in efficiency as well.  There was also a Windows bug last year that caused the program to not exit correctly.  This has been fixed. 
Thanks for checking it out and feel free to ask questions by email or here (if appropriate).

Thanks given by:
Updates for December 2014:
New: Added two additional bands to the EQ, "band3" and "band4". Text mode only.
Change: preview.wav file will build to mix directory by default
Fixed: EQ bands can be ordered independently
Fixed: a line of user text beginning with "e" could have stopped reading of the fader.txt file for some functions.
Fixed: Time stamped tracks were not advancing through automation.
Fixed: Serious volume ramp bug for mixes not started from time zero.
Thanks given by:
Updates for February 2015:

Greatly increased fader resolution and range (over 500 million discrete steps)
Added option to enter percents for faders, thresholds, and reverb snd/rtn
Added launch command for playback using wave player of choice.
Aplplayer accessory added for Mac version
Increased processing speed for Mac versions.
Removed ALSA dependency from Linux versions.
New mix progress meter shows percent complete.

Added option for entering sample points as in/out points.

New take handling options
Thanks given by:
March 20, 2015:  Mixer4 3-Year Anniversary Release!!

New VCA style faders (using the text control file)
Smoother initial reverb reflections
High and low pass filters for the reverb
New utility to scale length, position, and volume of fades

Thanks given by:
An update to the graphical interface includes
1.  support for VGA faders
2.  support for reverb high/low pass filters
Thanks given by:
The GUI update is now a "static build" so that you should not have to install the FLTK shared library.  This only affects Linux and Raspberry Pi versions.  The Windows version was already a static build.  The Mac version still requires the FLTK frameworks.  Thanks.
Thanks given by:
Hello friends,
[Bild: plate_gui.jpg]
  • The GUI for Mac is now a static build so it should work right out of the box without adding FLTK frameworks.  This completes the static builds for all platforms.
  • An important bug in the reverb was found over the weekend (dropouts were discovered) and fixed.
  • The GUI's on/off buttons for engaging effects, solos and mutes have been redone for clarity. 
Thanks given by:
To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Mixer4's release, the current full version is available for free on all platforms including Mac and Windows!!
Thanks given by:
A new update for Mixer4 and its optional graphical interface has been released!
I have added binaries for FreeBSD and OpenBSD in addition to the regular Mac, Windows, and Linux versions.
Volume ramps can be shaped in non-linear ways such as an initial steep slope that becomes more gradual.
Support for reading 32-bit floating point files has been added.
The graphical interface has a couple of bug fixes and a separate reverb window with more controls.

Thanks for checking it out at http://www.acousticrefuge.com/mixer4.htm
Thanks given by:


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