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Thread Contributor: BamBundle music-society specialpack easytoolz
music-society specialpack easytoolz

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[Bild: QBeiROu.jpg]

aurelia-filtha is a fullstereo lowpass filter.

   Special Low-Pass Filter (known from my easy-muug/Protege-Emus).
   LFO 2 with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual.
   Modulation-time (FREQ) and DEPTH-potis - Inverter (positive/negative).
   Targets: LFO 1 – Cut-off – Resonance - off.
   LFO 1 with 5 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse) with Host-sync and Divisor.
   Inverter and Depth-poti - Target: Cutoff.
   Midi CC are shown at tooltips in brackets.
   Dry/Wet-poti – 32 Presets in Update-Version.
   Update 1.1 some little fixes and now 32 Presets !

[Bild: H0JQoSV.jpg]

Easy-casiopeia is a vintage-simulation of Casiotone VL 1 in 2 plug´s.

A synth and a drum-plug, each with own seq and a lot off features are not included in original hardware !

[Bild: 6gonZVA.jpg]

"Emulation" of Crumar Multiman S with 6 sounds

   volume for each slot

Original-Samples and Inspriration by @Kujashi ... Many Thanks !!
easy-drum o4 SE 909

[Bild: 8KypbJS.jpg]

easy-drum o4 SE 909 is TR-909 Emulation.

   4 Slot Drumbox with 909/808-Samples
   3 lfo -> modulated tune-cutoff-pan
   32 Patches
easy-drum X8

[Bild: xqfxR2f.jpg]

easy-drum X8 is an analog vintage style drum module with 12 fully synthesized instruments.

   12 X 16 Step-Sequencers with Potis >modulations all Parameters

[Bild: SSmKY2d.jpg]

Easy-fm is a 4 Operator-FM-Synth.

   4 Operator-FM-Synth
   Contour and Resonace
   2 ADSR
   8 Step-Sequencer
   6 waves
   and more
easy-fx 03

[Bild: MRVYMGb.jpg]

easy-fx 03 is a multi FX modulated by a 16 stepgater.

   6 Filterstyles.
   2 delays.
   2 pan lfo´s.
   16 stepgater.

[Bild: 4WiR9Mk.jpg]

easy-iQ-one is a vintage 3 band EQ for a warm bold and loud sound, or fine sound design...

   3 band EQ (Low-Mid-High).
   Gain – Warm Shaper – and warm diffusor module.
   Very Low CPU Load.
   16 Patches (10 Presets).
easy-joy o1

[Bild: e4CrT39.jpg]

Easy-joy o1 is a joystick controlled synth.

   4 Osci-synth with multifilter
   joy-adsr and much more ...
   6 variable Gui-colors
easy-kick 01

[Bild: Te3Wq74.jpg]

Kick-Drum with 10 Bassdrum-samples.

   4 Filters
   A-D- Envelope
easy-md 01

[Bild: Gpp7j69.jpg]

easy-md 01 is a vintage stereo delay.

   2 Delaylines (5000 ms) Feedback - Level
   Lowpass-Filter with Feedback-loop to Delay-input !!
   2 LFO´s ( 5 waves + S/H)
   16 Presets
easy-mf 202

[Bild: 6Y8m83K.jpg]

easy-mf 202 is a filtering fx.

This is a free interpretation of different Moogerfogger pedals without claim to an exact emulation.

   Envelope follower.
   moogysh lowpass filter.
   Overdrive / Saturation.
   LFO, 5 waves+ S/H.
   16 Presets.
easy-mr. stringer

[Bild: dMk5H3i.jpg]

easy-mr. stringer is a string synth.

   2 Oscilators ( 2 X 17 various String-Waves).
   5 Octave-tuning and Level.
   2 Filter ( Low-pass-Band-pass ) > 1 LFO - ADSR - Velocity - modulation.
   1 LFO > OSC-Tuning (LFO´s = 5 waves).
   Double-delay with Pan Lfo´s .
   Mono/Poly mode.
   12 Voices .
   16 Presets.


[Bild: 9VW62QT.jpg]

Realistic Oboe.

   6 voices
   16 Patches

[Bild: ZZmDvEU.jpg]

Easy-pro-six is a SC Prophet based synth.

   3 Oscilators
   6 waves
   tuning 5 okt
   6 waves
   A-D-EG > Cutoff
   FM Osc1 > Cutoff
   Overdrive 2 sync delays
   2 pan-lfo´s
   48 Presets
   6 voices

[Bild: TVuLKP3.jpg]

easy-Q-delay is a full stereo delay line.

   2 separate Delay-lines for Left and Right
   Sync and Manual modulation + Feedback
   2 LFO´s with 6 waves and manual modulation time and depth
   16 Patches
easy-rave o4

[Bild: oyMRpSm.jpg]

Easy-rave o4 is 6 osc. analog synth with a step gater.

   6 Oscilatorensynth
   2  adsr-generators
   16 Step-Gater
   and more ...
   128 Designer-Presets

[Bild: 6RBxr1x.jpg]

easy-supa-delay is a stereo vintage delay.

It is suited with his modulation possibilities very much for crazy sounds...

   Modulation Time -> 10 sec (Free Run).
   2 LFO´s (Free-Run - 6 waves).
   Filter (LP-HP-BP-BR).
   16 Presets.
easy-synth 02

[Bild: rE3hfMu.jpg]

Easy-synth 02 is a 3 Osc analog synth.

   3 Osc - 6 waves - tuning (oct-note-fine)-Low-Band-Pass-Filter - AD-EG - LFO (>audio)
   Soft-Clipper - Soft-Distorsion - Flanger-Double-delay - Pan-LFO´s - ADSR-EG-VCA
   16 Voices
   4 Banks a 16 Patches

[Bild: 6mInxUw.jpg]

Tauros is an emulation of the legendary Moog Taurus bass-synth.

It is based at the same Sound-Engine as our easy-muug XT. Try the included easy-muugXT-Demo to see the Differences ...

   2 Oscilators with 6 Waveforms (Triangle, Saw, Saw/Triangle and 3 different Pulses)
   Tuning over 3 Octaves (8´-16´-32´) – Finetune Osc 2
   Mixersection (Osc 1+3)
   Special Low-Pass-Filter with Cutoff, Emphasis and ADS Envelope
   2 ADS-Envelopes (one for Filter – one for VCA-Amplifier)

Additonal to the Original-Features:

   Velocity - Reverb - Unisono-Function with Detune
   Some Functions from easy-muugXT are hidden ... but they works :=)
   All Midi-CC are shown in Mouse-Hints in brackets !
   NEW in Update: Waveform-Selector available !
   64 Patches made by @Kujashi (1-16) and  BAYAN (33-64)  Many Thanks !
easy-tb 3X

[Bild: cHdeQg2.jpg]

Easy-tb 3X is an adaption (not a real Emulation) of an "old acquaintance".

   2 X 8 waveforms
   1-8 Step-Sequencer
   16 User-patches
   New Version with 8-Stepbuttons > Cutoff
easy-V-syn o1

[Bild: ky2RRUS.jpg]

Easy-V-syn o1 is a vintage wavetable synth.

   4 Oscilators
   2 x 34 waves
   2 x 5 waves
easy-wave-player 12

[Bild: VHaBOY1.jpg]

A 12 Slot-wave-player-machine.

12 Pads with some nice Drum/Perc Sounds and a 12 X 16 Stepsequencer.

   Filter (LP1-LP2-HP-BP) Cutoff-Resonance
   Attack-Decay (to VCA, Cutoff)
   16 Step Gater (to Pitch, Cut, Reso, Lofi, Drive)
   LFO (7 waves) (to Pitch, Cut, Reso, Lofi, Drive, Pan, Delay FB, Delay MOD)
   Panorama and Volume
   16 Voices
   16 User-patches

[Bild: O2cfLmE.jpg]

Easy-Z-box is a stepsequencer synth.

   3 Oscilators (intern)
   X/Y Pad to Control: Pitch, Cutoff, Fat, Overdrive, Flanger, Delay
   16 Stepsequencer
   Synchron on/off

[Bild: ftB8FvL.jpg]

A new toy for the masses, a "Emu" of the Korg Monotron.

It is not a real Emulation, more a Adaption of the simple but effective. Structure of the Korg Minisynth with a little "moogysh" Sound...

   1 Osc (saw)
   1 LFO (pulse)
   1 "moogysh" LP-filter
   Sub-osc (Noise/Square) with own LP-Filter
   Overdrive and Mastervolume
   16 Patches
Mormox Imitate

[Bild: BDUkkPQ.jpg]

Mormox Imitate is an emulation of a new hardware synth from Greece, called Murmux Initate.

   2 OSC with Saw and Pulse, 2 Octave Tuner-knobs and FM-Modulation (Osc1 > Cutoff).
   Sub-oscillator (one Octave lower as Osc1) with Pulsewave.
   Combined Lowpass-Bandpass-Filter with Cutoff and Resonance and ADSR EG.
   LFO with Rate and Depth Pots for Oscillator or Cutoff Modulations.
   Special ADSR EG with embedded LFO/Loop (Ramp and S/H waves), the Sustain-pot regulates the intensity. Targets are the Amplifier, Oscillator Tuning or Cutoff .
   Delay section with Pan-LFO > Glide and > warm Shaper/Overdrive.
   18 patches.

vintage bass o1

[Bild: OAI21Gx.jpg]

A little dirty bass-synth with following facts:

   2 Osc with 14 waves
   oct-tune - mix and clipper
   A-D-EG -LFO
   Monomode and Portamento
   32 Patches
   6 voices
   2 Banks a 16 Presets (many thanks at DJT for the nice Bank !!

.rar   music-society specialpack easytoolz.rar (Größe: 64.87 MB / Downloads: 4)
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