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Quilcom Wavemaker 4

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VSTI Quilcom Wavemaker 4
Quilcom Wavemaker 4

[Image: Screenshot-for-flowstoners-.png]

This is a tool to create and process single cycle waveforms for use in synths and samplers.

It can extract a harmonic series or a single cycle from a loaded or recorded sound file. You can also draw and optionally smooth waveforms and audition them with a basic MIDI synth, which can also morph between any two waveforms, manually or via the envelope generator.

There is a video you can watch to get an overview:

The zip contains the VST plugin, a stand-alone version, the FlowStone schematic, a detailed user guide and a selection of short wav clips and raw text files to experiment with.


.zip (Size: 11.54 MB / Downloads: 6)
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