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Nord Lead A1 Editor, Remote Controller Vst Plugin, Standalone (Windows&Mac) FREE

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Nord Lead A1 Editor, Remote Controller Vst Plugin, Standalone (Windows&Mac) FREE
Nord Lead A1 Editor, Remote Controller Vst Plugin, Standalone (Windows&Mac) FREE

[Image: Capture-1-768x322.jpg]

With this plugin you can fully control your Nord Lead remotely, automation functions for MIDI parameters can be used via DAW softwares.

This free version does not contain librarian features, you can use it for the following functions; To design sounds, browse sounds already installed in the hardware memory, easily use functions like cutoff, release, reverb inside your music.

You can also store the sounds designed from scratch using this plugin inside your DAW project. It’s very easy by sending snapshot to reload the same sound when you open your project to work again.

(Nord Sound manager good to store the sounds you have edited from the hardware memory.)

You need the Hardware-Synth

I’m glad to contribute to you with a completely free plugin.


Standalone Windown 64bit
Vst dll Windows VST 64bit
Standalone Mac 64bit (Soon)
VST MAC 64bit(Soon)


.zip   Nord Lead A1 (Size: 11.51 MB / Downloads: 2)
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