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ETHNO STEEL | FREEBIE- for registered Users free to download!

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Samples ETHNO STEEL | FREEBIE- for registered Users free to download!

[Image: ethno-steel_2.jpg?1563093502]

Introducing a fresh and useful sample pack by Nouveau Baroque` including 50HQ steel, metalic,  percussion One-Shots for your house, dance and ethnic-folk music. The product is free to download and is royalty-free.

This pack is the first volume of "Ethno steel" series and comes out as a freebie. As you hear in your head. As the music demands quality and creativity. We are pleased to start with a good product.

Be sure that this is not the first and the last freebie that we release.

We used the best microphones in the market, like Sennheiser e818sII and Shure SM58. With additional warm and LoFi plugins we have reached that specific Ethno style sound. Listen to the demo track below in which you can find and listen the result of improvisations on deep house. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and share this product! Thank you.

.wav   Demo.wav (Size: 22.21 MB / Downloads: 1)

.rar   Nouveau Baroque - Ethno Steel Freebie.rar (Size: 31.9 MB / Downloads: 2)
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