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PlugInGuru ModMate – MIDI Effect

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vst/vst3/au/aax PlugInGuru ModMate – MIDI Effect

PlugInGuru ModMate – MIDI Effect

[Image: ModMate-UI-1.png]

ModMate is a very powerful but simple plug-in that allows you to display on the Left set of faders, incoming MIDI activity from Pitch Bend and 4 assignable MIDI CC lanes. The 4 faders on the Right are 4 different assignable MIDI CC# sliders that can be assigned to DIFFERENT MIDI CC#’s if desired (or aftertouch). The 4 boxes in each input fader strip allow you to determine which of the 4 MIDI CC output lanes that input MIDI data will “Take over”. The cool thing with this is that you can assign CC1 (Mod Wheel) to control all 4 lanes by checking the boxes for all 4 lanes in the cc1 strip. We are starting to use more than 1 MIDI CC to control the sounds in our libraries. So these new Omnisphere 2.5 libraries (Airwave V3 and Beautifully Broken) can be used and all 4 MIDI CC’s can be changed using just the pitch bend up/down and Modulation wheel, for example.

Also, since these settings can be saved in most DAW’s as a preset, you can make different MIDI CC templates for different sample libraries or for different ways you might use this plugin. So your Spitfire libraries can have one preset that assigns your hardware to control their libraries, while a different preset sets everything up for controlling your Omnisphere libraries.

NOTE: This MIDI Effect PlugIn only will work in DAW’s that support MIDI effect PlugIns. Also, if you use this and then send a song file to someone else, they also MUST have ModMate installed in their system as well. This is doing real-time conversion of MIDI data. It is not writing this data into your sequence files, it is just re-channeling it in real-time to from one MIDI CC# to another.

Available in PC (VST and VST3 32-bit and 64-bit formats) and Mac (Audio Unit, VST and VST3)


.zip (Size: 2.08 MB / Downloads: 1)
.zip (Size: 2.57 MB / Downloads: 2)
.zip (Size: 2.43 MB / Downloads: 0)
.pdf   ModMate Manual.pdf (Size: 1.09 MB / Downloads: 5)
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